Qatar Friendship Fund

Creating a brand that resonates across the world

Helping Qatar aid Japan’s disaster recovery

After the devastating March 2011 earthquake and massive tsunami that devastated Japan, HH Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, The Emir Father of Qatar, donated US$ 100 million to the people of Japan to ease suffering and aid reconstruction. The Qatar Friendship Fund (QFF) was born, focusing on the areas of healthcare, education and fisheries.

Zed's role was to create a coherent brand for Qatar Friendship Fund and to retain a strong sense of humility, while sharing this story with the world.

The strong and consistent brand continues to communicate key messages from all QFF projects.


Zed created the brand and brand guidelines for QFF and the 12 projects that it funded. The brand family was developed paying close attention to cultural sensitivities of both Qatar and Japan, often finding visual harmony between elements of the two countries.


With every new project under QFF, Zed developed event collateral to help launch the initiative. These included information boards, brochures, wall graphics and commemorative gifts.


Over a three year period, Zed documented QFF activities and produced several films for the Fund and its projects. Zed worked with production teams from Japan, Qatar and Dubai to help tell the inspiring story of QFF.

Digital and PR

The QFF website and social media channels draw and engage thousands of online visitors to Qatar each month, helping to forge deeper ties between the two nations.