Some might call us an ad agency

Yet there’s so much more to us than that. We’re a small team of big thinkers with a collaborative approach that really sets us apart. We’ve been in the region since 1999 and we’ve learned that bringing people together to share insights and experiences is what enables exciting ideas to come to life. We work closely with you, uniting our expertise with your brand knowledge to ensure that your company's communication really shines.

Why work with us

Value is at the heart of everything we do

Whatever your budget we apply smart, agile thinking to help your money go further.

We’re the most committed player on your team

We ask lots of questions. Do our homework. And deliver on brief and on budget – on time, every time

Driven by results. Not accolades

We work to put you in the spotlight, not us. Which means unless we believe an idea can really drive sales figures, we’ll never pitch it to you.

What Zed can do for you

At Zed, we engage audiences. Craft compelling copy. Take website visitors on exceptional user journeys. Create loyal brand ambassadors. Ultimately, we move your customers to buy into your brand and services through powerful communication.